Stress Free Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

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Planning a child’s birthday party can be stressful.  We want to make it perfect in every way!  But the whole idea is for everyone to have fun! So with that being said, stop stressing and check out these ideas that can help make for the perfect party!

Provide a photo booth at all of your parties!  Pick up a large frame (check out bargain and thrift stores) and let kids have fun holding it up and putting their faces through it!  Provide photo props . The kids will have a ball and these are pictures that you will cherish. You can have your child take a picture with each attendee and then send them a thank you card and include the picture.

Enjoy a stress free birthday party at the park! Have a bounce house dropped off at your local park near a pavilion where you can set up a birthday cake and have lunch (order pizza)!  The kids will entertain themselves while playing in the bounce house and other playground equipment!  Easy peasy and the kids love it! If you want, you could even have a scavenger hunt.  Hide some items like little toys, party favors, snacks in bags, etc. around the park before kids arrive and let them hunt for them.  The kids will pretty much entertain themselves with this party idea!

Young girls may enjoy a “spa party”.  Who doesn’t love to be pampered? Provide small paint brushes for the girls to paint facial masks on each other.  Play musical manicure (grab as many polish shades as possible and cover table with a plastic cloth. Each girl selects a color and sits down at table.  When music begins have girls pass the polish around.  When it stops she will paint one nail.  Continue the game until all nails are painted.) Provide a foot soaking station. Experiment with make up.  The girls will love it!

A Bonfire Birthday Party is fun for kids that are a little older. Kids can roast hotdogs, marshmallows and or even make s’mores. (check out these Marshmallow Roasting Sticks on Amazon).  Provide drinks in a cooler. Make luminaries with brown paper bags or even mason jars.  Tell stories and sing songs around the campfire.

An Ice Cream Party is really fun during the summer. Set out chocolate and vanilla ice cream and several sprinkles and toppings and let kids make their own creations.  You can find really cute dishes at the Dollar Tree to serve and eat from.  Play games, play in the sprinkler or the pool. A slip and slide is really fun, too! Have water balloon fights or even play finger paint with shaving cream!

Outdoor Movie Night is fun, too! Of course you will need a projector or laptop and a speaker.  Hang a white sheet on a fence or if your garage is light colored that will work.  Provide comfy seating – blankets, pillows, bean bag chairs, and even lawn chairs.  Provide snacks in one of those divided caddies that you can get from Dollar Tree.  Popcorn, candy, drink boxes, etc. will fit in easily.

Add balloons, streamers, party hats and cake and your kids will be happy!

Check out my Fun Yard Games to Play this Summer post for ideas on games that can be played at a birthday party!

What fun birthday party ideas do you have that are stress free?

 This post was written by Laurie Floyd – owner and operator of Steals and Deals for Kids

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  1. The ice cream party sounds like fun because who doesn’t love ice cream? The day at the park with friends might be really fun for them to because they can play and have a good time. Fun ideas!

  2. We did our 1 year old’s birthday at the park this year. My oldest was born in January so that was never an option for her. It made so much difference in our stress level to have it somewhere else.

  3. I hardly ever give my son a full blown party because I don’t want to plan it! Last year we did it somewhere else and it was fun!It’s so much less stressful to do it somewhere else!

  4. I did a low-key (for me) Moana party where instead of a game we just watched the movie. It was great!

  5. How fun! For our kids, til they are in kindergarten, we just do a simple small party with my in laws with cake / ice cream and gifts. But, once they get to be in school we do bowling party or bigger one at a community center where we can invite more people.

  6. I had my daughter’s birthday party at an outdoor park one year and it was the best decision ever! Clean up was minimal and the kids stayed busy. I like your suggestion of an ice cream party. That would be fun for the kids and adults!

  7. I love simple birthday parties! Photo props are my favorite!

  8. All of our children have winter birthdays so we do a lot of sledding, skating and sleepovers!
    Not as easy as a pool party but a ton of fun!

  9. Ah, these could definitely be a lot of fun. I think putting together a spa party with hair and nail stations would be amazing.

  10. These are wonderful ideas. My boys are at the sleepover phase in parties! Fun and noisy! LOL!

  11. These are all great ideas! Props are perfect because they guarantee you’ll always have fun memories of the party!

  12. I love the idea of a bonfire party. A s’mores station sounds so fun!

  13. These are some great ideas! The best way to celebrate…keep it simple!

  14. These are great party ideas! I agree that too often we parents over worry the details and don’t enjoy the party with the kiddos. I had a park party for my son a few years ago. It was the cheapest and easiest party I ever hosted and my son loved it!

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