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Guest Post: Help Keep Your House Clean With Stylish DIY Organizers

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Do you like DIY projects?  Many people enjoy creating and finding ways to take old things and make them new.  DIY lovers will know what I mean! In our society, DIY has become more and more of a way of living. To begin with, it’s crafty (thus prestigious), it’s cheap (sometimes it costs nothing) and it’s fun. Using DIY items will surely improve your lifestyle, add to your self-esteem; and it will simply make you happy when you feel that sense of accomplishment after creating something useful!
In the creative meaning of the abbreviation, DIY is all about re-introducing the old (furniture, cars, etc) in a new, enhanced way. You can even watch DIY contests on TV (yes, this lifestyle is that popular)!!
DIY can be helpful when arranging one’s space and that’s where the stylish DIY organizers come in handy. One can make organizers to their heart’s content with all the tutorials on the Web and still live in a messy space. So, keep it clean and organized, and let’s create!
1. If you have a small living space you might need to create ways to organize….but maybe you don’t like the idea of cramming more into your living room. The best thing to do then is to create a wall organizer, of course. It’s stylish, helpful, keeps things close at hand, it’s easy to make and can be made from all kinds of stuff, depending on your desires and abilities. For example, you can make a wire wall organizer for your shoes (although personally I would prefer a ladder for shoes), scarves, umbrellas, or you could sew a wall organizer for your favorite jars with herbs. You can even create a pot rack to store pots and pans. Wall organizers are useful as they don’t actually take additional space.
2. If you’re a woman, you’ll surely have all sorts of small junk but you can never find a suitable place to store them. Here comes the plastic bottle organizer. A smart way to recycle water bottles and store your items. Of course, you can also use boxes and wrapping paper, create a small wooden shelf, etc. Again, here you are completely free to design whatever you want and that’s another good quality of DIY (you adapt your home to your needs).
3. Shelves are also a nice way to organize.  Make them from wood, old pallets, cardboard boxes, from anything really. They are the perfect place to store basically everything. Where to put the shelves? Where not to is the proper answer here. You can make shelves for books in the bedroom, shelves in the bathroom for your DIY candles and hair balms, in the garage to store tools. Want a shelf on wheels? Recycle an old rolling cart. It really is that simple to organize one’s home.
4. As a woman, I can’t write this article without mentioning jewelry organizers –  from lace earring holders to cheese grater earring holders or old silverware trays for jewelry, you can literally craft anything you need using junk!
It seems that we can really craft everything we want. All we need is a little creativity (although if we’re not in the mood, DIY blogs will be happy to induce creativity). You can find all sorts of ideas on my favorite site, Pinterest! Keep in mind what you want to achieve, what you need and what not when browsing the Web for creative drive. Those sites are truly appealing and you might get so overwhelmed  that you end up with a DIY BBQ instead of a key holder for example. Be creative and remember that you are the one in charge; it’s only your decisions and wishes that matter. Transform your house to a neat and organized home using DIY.
And if you are too busy to organize your home, Spotless Home Cleaning can help! Just give us a call!
This post was written by Coriss Kohn who is the owner of a small business company which is based in London, United Kingdom.  She has two lovely kids and she loves to read books.  She also likes to go to the park and relax after a long day.

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  1. I would love to just spend a month and go DIY crazy on our home.
    We have so much that needs to get organized and tidied up around here before the snow flies again.
    I would love to build some shelves for the garage…we have a lot that needs sorted in there for sure!

  2. I am not a DIY mom but I like the idea of being organized. I need to take a month just to go through each room and throw out things and organize them.

  3. I could definitely make more space and organize more effectively with some of these ideas. I could probably even add some DIY shelves in the shed.

  4. I feel like I’m always working on organizing things! I have always been a DIY way before Pinterest.

  5. I love the whole idea of DIY organizing although you’d never know it from the way my house looks right now! I am so intrigued by the idea of a cheese grater earring holder – that’s brilliant!

  6. Pinterest can totally suck you in! I love getting inspiration, but it is easy to get off track of your original idea. I have some big DIY projects on my list for the fall. Can’t wait!

  7. The kids love DIY projects. We are ready to get organized together!

  8. This post is perfect for me! Like you said, I’m a woman, and I have a lot of small chunk. I definitely need a DIY project to get organized.

  9. Ok – you hit on two things I love! DIY and organizing. I think I am addicting to organizing. I remember back a few years (ok, more than that) when there were not quite as many organization tools available, so you had to make the DIY kind. Such fun!

  10. I don’t do much with DIY but this is neat. I love seeing ideas!

  11. You had me at DIY and organizing! That’s such a awesome combo and right up my alley, saving for later.

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